Quantum Algorithms
Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Evolution and Quantum Computing
This editorial by Lee Spector in the Boston Globe talks about using genetic algorithms to evolve quantum circuits, and its consequences to understanding Darwinism.

If it takes a computer program to convince someone evolution is real, then either their educators have failed them miserably, or they have been severely misled by radical (but increasingly mainstream) institutions. But it's still good to see Lee Spector speaking up, since many scientists probably feel its pointless to get into the whole debate, since it essentially pits reason against fairy tales. But the more quiet the rational side is, the more it will seem that evolution is controversial, since the wing nuts now have a voice through all levels of politics, business, and the media in the United States. After two years in Australia I don't think the situation is much different here, except the Aussies are a lot more laid back about the whole thing.
It's true. My education did fail me. I do not recall evolution ever having been discussed in any detail in any of my K-12 classes. I do have distinct memories of a physics teacher mentioning it in passing and saying he didn't believe in it, and of a P.E. teacher (a lousy cretin) who asserted that evolution and the bible could be true if a day to god was much longer than a human day.

I majored in engineering and so did not learn evolution in college either. What I know - or what I think I know - is what I have gleaned from years of independent study, reading, and arguing.

First let me say that I applaud the idea of using genetic algorithms to illustrate evolution. This is something that can make the ideas more real to students.

Second, I think my fellow evolutionists make an egregious mistake by referring to evolution as if it were simple when it isn't. There is a difference between believing evolution and understanding it. While I believe that anyone who actually understands it will necessarily believe it; I do not believe the converse is true. It is possible - and even common - for people to believe it without actually understanding it.
Hi, I know this post is old but I want to say something about evolution in computer program.
As it is pointed out by Spector, the evolution program has to be given a specific fitness function in order for the evolution to work.
And this function is designed!!
Spector says that for natural selection, the fitness function is survival and competition: but that is false. In the computer program as well there is survival and competition, both are defined by the fitness function

In fact, evolutionary computer program teach us that evolution as random process is not enough!

Please note:
I am not anything you can put in one sect or belief circle,
be careful, you do not know me and if you have something against my text, please fight with arguments alone.


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