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Sunday, September 04, 2005
Substitute Universities for Those Displaced by Hurricane
Suresh passes on word that university students displaced by the Hurricane may be offerred temporary places at universities around the country. Stanford is not on the list, which is unfortunate because most departments start classes on September 26, much later than most other schools. However, Stanford has a short message about possible admission for a small number of law students, and indicate that they are assessing the situation for other types of students.
Update 05 Sep 2005: The message has been updated: "Stanford will be admitting academically qualified students from these universities as non-matriculated students for the fall quarter, which starts on September 26 and ends on December 16. [...] Preference will be given to students from the San Francisco Bay Area. [...] Stanford will provide housing on campus for students who are accepted."
End Update

Although it doesn't really have a place here, it's difficult to not mention the shameful and tardy response by the US federal government in helping flood victims. It's not a big surprise in the light that emergency efforts were led by a man who's previous job was attorney for the International Arabian Horse Association, which he was essentially fired from in 2001.

Promoting intelligent design and ignoring warnings about looming natural threats are both endemic of anti-science thinking. Don't believe the line that no one expected this.

Update 06 Sep 2005:
More commie liberal fear-mongering from several years ago here and here.
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