Quantum Algorithms
Saturday, February 14, 2004
Faster Than Light Inter-Galactic Email
From NewsFactor Network - Quantum ComSat May Send Mail Faster Than Light Speed: "The use of entangled photons for quantum cryptography was shown experimentally by different groups for long distances using optical fibers," University of Geneva physicist Ivan Marcikic told NewsFactor. "By using satellites, this distance becomes several orders of magnitude longer. It is thus a new approach to increase the distance between two entangled photons."

You also need a non-faster than light classical communication channel in order to correctly interpret the results of the measurements...but maybe I'm missing something. This looks like the relevant paper. There's nothing in there about faster than light infomation travel, although it does have an interesting discussion of transmitting entangled qubits via satellites. The overhyping/lack of understanding by newsfactor isn't doing anybody any good.
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