Quantum Algorithms
Friday, February 27, 2004
"Intellectual" Conservative on Quantum Theory
From The Intellectual Conservative. The Divinity Case: Imposing Secular Dogmatism: "Today much of what we call 'science' is simply theory. Quantum mechanics, for example, has several different explanations for reality at the subatomic level. Mathematical models are useful, but imperfect, predictors of reality at that level. Quantum mechanics actually 'works' only at the scale of our perceptions, the ordinary world which we observe."

There's a lot wrong with this paragraph, but the last sentence is the most glaring: quantum mechanics does not apply at the scale of our perceptions. As far as the second to last sentence goes: Some quantum level experiments have agreed with theory to some rediculous number of decimal places. The different explanations he refers to are part of philosohpy, not the core of quantum mechanics.
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