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Saturday, February 07, 2004
Quantum Weight Loss
I often get disappointed at scientists in various disciplines for not being more vocal when their field gets trampled through the media and the public gets a serious dose of mis-information. Well guess what, according to FemOne, their new "Lean Choices(TM) Weight Loss System" uses the "fascinating technology of quantum physics into a system that is simple and easy to live with." Wow really? I checked out their website, and I couldn't find much on this "quantum physics technology" they use, the best I could find was this here:

"Backed by quantum physics and thanks to cutting-edge technology, [Bio-Lean Energy Buttons] harmonize your body’s response to external stressors that bombard us everyday. Recent studies indicate that stress can negatively impact the body’s ability to absorb vital nutrients, which in turn leads to the inability to lose unwanted weight and is a contributing factor in stress related illness. There is also further proof that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from cell phones, computers and other electronic devices stimulate stress responses in our bodies. Bio-Lean Energy Buttons are programmed to a “healthy frequency” and literally “harmonize” how EMFs affect the body."

More stuff here:

"This relates to research in quantum physics that proves that if external stressors are “neutralized,” or reduced, your body’s cells will resonate and “respond in harmony” to nutritional and lifestyle factors in a healthier way...."

No one has a copyright on quantum physics, so anyone can say anything they want about it. But that doesn't mean the quantum physics community should just sit back quietly as they do so. FemOne doesn't say enough about their product's use of quantum physics for me to say that they are explicitly misrepresenting their product, but I would definitely like to see some legitimate research backing up their claims.
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