Quantum Algorithms
Tuesday, March 09, 2004
Business Week on QC
In Putting The Weirdness To Work, Business Week has their run-of-the-mill quantum computing overview article. Nothing new here, except one interesting tidbit: "The Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is now beginning a major effort to construct a working quantum information processor." That's interesting, because DARPA's Deputy Director, Robert Leheny, was very pessimistic about Quantum Computing in this interview. (See Peter Shor's response to his doubts here.) Either Leheny's changed his tune, or maybe he'll play the pointy-haired-boss role to scientists involved in the project. But another implication is, the George Bush budget proposal only had about $16 million earmarked for Quantum Computing, but now that DARPA's on board with their project, does that mean that they'll end up with most or all of this money, as opposed to universities who have been working on this stuff for years?
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