Quantum Algorithms
Wednesday, November 24, 2004
Quantum chip circuitry demonstrated
EE Times - Quantum chip circuitry demonstrated: "Yale University researchers have demonstrated how to build a quantum computer operating on quantum bits, or qubits, which hold a superposition of quantum states. [...] The advantages of Yale's method include the relatively small size of its qubit repositories - about a square micron - and the ability to read a qubit's state without disturbing it - the bane of quantum computers to date. [...] The Yale approach stored qubits in a Cooper-box with over 1 billion superconducting aluminum atoms acting together, thereby providing a kind of quantum momentum that allowed a 'probing' photon to read out a qubit's state from the Cooper-box without changing its state."

Updates: I found this pdf to be a pretty good lightly-technical explanation of the experiment. Also, here [zhurnal.net] and here [www.lkb.ens.fr] are some interesting explanations of Quantum Non-Demolition.
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