Quantum Algorithms
Tuesday, February 15, 2005
Blog Market
My collection of links on the right isn't very complete, but I had no idea how much was riding on it until I discovered Blog Shares, a stock market for blogs. Someone named Javier López actually owns 75% of the shares of this very blog, although I'm sure he'll eventually regret the purchase if he doesn't already. David Bacon own 20% of his own Quantum Pontiff blog, which is about to experience a modest increase in (virtual) valuation, thanks to the extremely overdue link I finally added. I wonder if blogshare money will ever have real world value. (If it sounds implausible, see EverQuest).

Some quantum or CS type blogs, and their valuations [Updated Feb-16, thanks Suresh]:
Computational Complexity Web Log: $12,029.76
Michael Nielson: $5,845.59
The Quantum Pontiff: $3,849.21
Quantum Algorithms: $3,816.68
Illuminating Science: $3,313.81
Quantum Bits: $2,709.12
Quantized Espresso: $1,664.65

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